Balsalmic Vinegars

The tasty Balsamic Vinegars from Modena, Italy will amaze you. In addition to traditional balsamic vinegar (aged up to 18 years), we also offer flavored dark balsamic vinegars and white balsamic vinegars.

Balsamics vinegars are often used for salad dressings and marinades. They can also be added to sparkling water, sprinkled on ice cream and cake, and be used to add flavor to vegetable recipes. Try a sampler pack or come in and taste today!

Dark Balsamic Vinegars

The production of balsamic vinegar resembles that of wine making. Balsamic vinegar is an aged reduction of sweet Trebbiano grapes that are boiled in copper cauldrons, and reduced to 33% its original volume to a syrup like base called “must”.

The difference in Trio’s dark balsamic vinegars is that we add a small amount of premium aged red wine vinegar which introduces an older red wine vinegar to assist in the acetification. The density and complexity of our condiment is a testament to the fact that it’s made in Modena, in the traditional style from high quality grape must, cooked over an open wood fire which is then aged using the Solera system.

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Cauldron boiling in Modena
Vinegar aging in oak barrels

White Balsamic Vinegars

White balsamic vinegar blends white grape must with white wine vinegar and is cooked at a low temperature to avoid any darkening. Our producer ages the vinegar in oak barrels, while other use stainless steel. White balsamic has more of a clean aftertaste than the rich, long finish that dark balsamic maintains.

White balsamics are often used with lighter colored foods, dressings, or sauces without any discoloring. You can expect white balsamic vinegars to be less “sweet” and more “tart” than our dark balsamic.

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