Carol Anne Artist Portrait

A burning need for inner-inspired creativity and self-fulfillment led Carol Ann from a successful corporate career in the bourgeoning technology industry to her present nationally-recognized position as an innovative and colorful abstract artist.

Carol Ann paints from her life experience: Family, travel, organic inspiration and the human experience are found in her work. And her audiences find themselves in her work.

“I paint interpretations of my joy and appreciation for a bountiful life. As is life, each painting is complex: Color, texture, method, material, application, style and technique, subjective and emotional. Painting is a journey of self-discovery from a blank canvas through an intuitive and unpredictable process to a place of self-recognition.”

When Carol Ann and a gallery guest or a collector are seen talking over one of Carol Ann’s paintings, you know they are sharing life with each other.

Phone: 1-800-860-3024 or 1-831-250-7714
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Dolores between Ocean & 7th
Carmel, CA 93921